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Mass muscle video

  • MM 406 Bet
    MM 406 Bet

    Starring Maria Calo This posing, flexing video shows off Maria's muscles, some of the hugest ever seen. And I mean BIG muscles!! She has gotten BIGGER, better, and more astounding than ever before in her bodybuilding career. Her massive 18+ biceps ar View Detail

  • MM-397 De
    MM-397 De

    Starring Debra D'Andrea vs Monica Ingebrigtsen - Erotic, topless, hot ! Female vs female action - Debra 5'7, 165 lbs. off season; 138 lbs. contest; 16" biceps and 17"calves, 26" quads. When Monica and Debra met , the first thin View Detail

  • MM 510
    MM 510


    Steve goes to a fortune teller to get his fortune read. He is told he would mee View Detail

  • MM 507
    MM 507

    The first video of delts diva was hot hot hot!!! This one is sizzling!!! Delts Diva is back as one of the mass muscle nurses to treat Vlady back to health. The diva comes to Vlady's house late  View Detail

  • MM 319
    MM 319

    Luis is being obstinate about getting up in the morning and going to school. He gives his father a hard time, but when it comes to mom, she takes no bull from Luis. He is beaten without mercy and put in some scissor holds that will make you wince!! View Detail

  • MM 317
    MM 317

    Luis buys a radio from Nicole's radio shop, only to bring it back saying it doesn't work. He is accused of breaking it and after an argument with the employee Nicole is called out to fix the situation. Nicole is Massive and beats Luis like he View Detail

  • MM 320
    MM 320

    Kasie is known for being one of, if not the, toughest lady out there in competitive matches. She takes on Al in this match and destroys him with many submission holds. Scissors, grapevines, head locks, smother holds, all make Al scream for me View Detail

  • MM 318
    MM 318

    Luis has been working for Karla for a long time, when Karla came to Florida for some work, she found out that Luis works for Mass Muscle Ed also. She decides to show Luis just exactly who he should work for. Great wrestling and muscle action by Karla View Detail

  • MM 326
    MM 326

    Charlene Haynes (5'9", 150 lbs., 15" calves, 15" biceps, 25" beautiful quads!!)
    Beautiful describes Charlie, and ardent wrestler, ballet dancer with legs that could literally kill you!! She has a knockout squeeze and she knows just were to put View Detail

  • MM 321
    MM 321

    Laura Ottenad 5'8", 165 lbs., 16" calves, 16" biceps, 26" quads!! Laura is the picture of sensuality and grace. She is beautiful, sexy, seductive, and very strong and muscular. She is one of the best face-sitters, face humper  View Detail

  • MM 442
    MM 442

    This is a domination video of Colette showing her massive muscle power with Lynn struggling to compete. This is the sequel to Perfume 1 and 2. Colette goes to Charlie's house to collect her money for the perfume she sold him. Charlie is not home but  View Detail

  • MASS 441
    MASS 441

    Kathy is sexy as ever in this nude seductive video! There are some women that are a pleasure to work with and Kathy is one of the very best. In this video Kathy pleases all of us by showing off her muscular sexy hard body completely nude. Man, what a View Detail

  • MASS 431
    MASS 431

    Debra D' Andrea is back to show all of you what her scissors hold can do to a man! ! Debra D' Andrea explains and shows all of you how she has developed and perfected her scissor hold. She explains that it isn't just a question of getting your victim View Detail

  • MASS 424
    MASS 424

    Debra D' Andrea takes on a male and female. 5'7" with 15" rock solid high peaked biceps, 16" calves and ripped 26" quads. At 165 Ibs., Debra is the sexiest hellcat alive!! Debra is always getting more and more intense. In  View Detail

  • MASS 427
    MASS 427

    Michelle Ivers 5' 4", 160 lbs. of HUGE quality muscle!! 5' 4", 160 lbs. off season, 138 lbs. contest,17" biceps and 16" calves, 26" quads. Mass Muscle has outdone itself with this non-stop action packed, exciting video! Michelle is at her muscular o View Detail

  • MASS 404
    MASS 404

    Starring Christa Bauch - 5' 3", 155 lbs. off-season; 135 lbs. contest; 16" biceps, 16" calves, 26" quads. - The mouth of the south Vlady, the infamous macho man, talks to Christa about how women are inferior to men and they cannot compete with  View Detail

  • MASS 403
    MASS 403

    Starring Trudy Ireland - 5'4", 165 1bs. of big, hard, vascular sexy muscle! 5'4", 165 lbs. off-season; 16" biceps and 16" calves, 26" quads. Trudy has grown! She is bigger, harder, and more vascular in this video than you have ever seen her before. View Detail

  • MASS 401
    MASS 401

    Starring Carmella Cureton - CARMELLA IS BETTER THEN EVER, HER MUSCLES BIGGER AND SEXIER AND SHE IS RUTHLESS WITH THIS MAN! 5' 5', 155 lbs.; 17" calves, 27" quads, 16" biceps - Carmella was in deep need of a good massage, she calls Mass Muscle Massa View Detail

  • MM 400
    MM 400

    Starring Debra D'Andrea - DYNAMIC, INTENSE, AGGRESSIVE, SEDUCTIVE, EROTIC TOPLESS WRESTLING, AND SCISSORING ACTION. 5' 7",165 lbs. off-season; 16" biceps and 16" calves, 25-1/2" quads. (She has Grown!) Debra depicts just h View Detail

  • MASS 396
    MASS 396

    5' 7"; 135 lbs. contest; 16" biceps and 15" calves, 25" quads. FAR BEYOND INSATIABLE - What makes this erotic video of Debra better then the last one with her is the camera work! Great close-up action and camera angles as once more Mass Muscle Ed c View Detail

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